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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Update #1 - Personal

As many of you already know, my wife Michelle suffered a heart attack at 3:30am April 1. Paramedics couldn't have arrived any quicker and they immediately zipped her off to the new Medical Center of the Rockies, where she was met in the ER by a crack cardio team. They ran a line up through her femoral artery and put a stent in to clear a blockage. She was in the ICU for two days before being moved to her own room for a half day.

She's now home relaxing, doing excellent, and recuperating quickly. She's on several medications and tires easily but she's making an ultra-speedy recovery. The tough part for her is that she's had to quit smoking and we're now on a heart-healthy diet. No more of the shit I usually eat. This has been a big wake-up call all around (already lost 6 lbs just not pigging out the way I normally do).

Thanks to everyone for their prayers, well-wishes, cards, flowers, books, and wonderful thoughts. It all means a lot to Michelle and just as much to me.


Bill Crider said...

Tell Michelle to get well soon. I'm glad she's doing well.

Tom Piccirilli said...

Thanks, Bill, much appreciated!

Mike Dennis said...

I wish her a speedy recovery, Pic. And this was indeed a wakeup call. It looks like it's started to turn you around. That might be the silver lining.

Anonymous said...

Just read about Michelle. Give her my best wishes. Pretty sure she's gonna recover in no time! Your pal from PizzaLand, Giovanni.

Rabid Fox said...

Just stumbled upon this blog entry. Thought I'd add my best wishes to your wife--good to hear she's recuperating well.