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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Boycott Dorchester/Leisure

As a former Leisure author I can attest to these folks' shenanigans. I didn't have quite as many troubles as the current stable of authors seems to be going through in the face of Dorchester's near-bankrupcy and constant scrambling to find purchase in the new world of e-publishing. But I've been keeping to my own personal boycott since I parted company with them under a dark cloud back in 2005.

Now my pal Brian Keene is calling readers to arms. If you've been following his blog for any length of time you know the uphill battle he's been having with these people. Now he lays it all out on the line and asks for your help here.


Anonymous said...

I will pass the word on this along Tom, what little influence I have I willingly offer. This sounds like a load of shit to me.

Brandon Chastain

Anonymous said...

I posted a link to Brian's post on a site I frequent regularly. It is a fan site for George R.R. Martins 'Song of Ice and Fire'.

I do not know how much good it will do but it will help spread the word.

Here is the link:


Brandon Chastain