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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Raven's Tree Jewelry

My wife Michelle's back to making fine hand-crafted jewelry, which she finds very therapeutic. Tons of new stuff listed. Plus, she's doing a shipping sale. $1 anywhere, no matter how many pieces you order! Quotes from Poe, Plath, Wilde, Baudelaire...gothic images, etc. She does book covers, personal images, pets, you name it.... Check it out.


Stephen James Price said...

I had a sample bookmark made with the cover of my forthcoming collection, Pages of Promises. It arrived in about a week. What an spectacular piece of artwork it turned out to be. Anyone wanting to advertise their books, use these as giveaways, or simply have a personalized bookmark of their own needs to order one (or several) of these.

Nigel Bird said...

and I went for a mighty fine necklace. I don't suppose you could ask your wife if such things could also be made into earrings, could you? It's not easy to judge from a picture how heavy such an item might feel on the ear.
Anyway, congratulations to her on some nice work.

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