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Sunday, March 6, 2011

ESC is Music to Keene's Ears

My big thanks go out to my little bro, Brian Keene, for his gracious comments about EVERY SHALLOW CUT.

"With an already-impressive body of work behind him, Piccirilli delivers his greatest book yet with Every Shallow Cut. Piccirilli's prose is stripped-down and almost acoustic for this effort. Every word counts... and cuts. If this were music, Every Shallow Cut would sit right alongside Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska, Johnny Cash's American Recordings, and Neil Young's Harvest Moon. Highly recommended."--Brian Keene

And don't forget to pick up Brian's latest rip-snorter JACK'S MAGIC BEANS from Deadite Press.


Unknown said...

Excellent, nice comments. I hope to read it soon.


Unknown said...

By the way Kobo Books has a nice selection of your work as well Tom. You may want to link to that.


B. Simmerman said...

Just finished this and all I can say is ....wow...just wow. Emotionally draining and heartbreaking. I don't think Mr. Piccirilli has ever cut this close to the bone, and he's never exactly been a slouch in that regard, anyway. Snatch this one up!

Jay Krow said...
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