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"We need to make books cool again. If you go home with someone & they don't have books, don't fuck 'em."--John Waters

I'm the author of more than twenty novels including SHADOW SEASON, THE COLD SPOT, THE COLDEST MILE, THE MIDNIGHT ROAD, THE DEAD LETTERS, and A CHOIR OF ILL CHILDREN. Look for my next one THE LAST KIND WORDS due out May '12 from Bantam Books. Contact: PicSelf1@aol.com

Thursday, March 1, 2012


CLOWN IN THE MOONLIGHT is free on Kindle today but tomorrow it goes back to its original price of $2.99. In the last 48 hours we’ve had over 6,000 downloads and the book peaked at around #50 on the Kindle Free Bestseller list. I appreciate everyone who showed enough interest to read the piece and I hope you all like it enough to check out more of my work.

CLOWN is based in part on the true story of Ricky Kasso, the so-called Acid King, who murdered a friend in the Northport woods back in '84 claiming Satan told him to do it, then proceeded to bring high school classmates to view the mutilated body for days afterward. Occult, hardboiled, and noir matters enter the mix as a nameless drifter teaches Ricky and friends what the true nature of hell is really all about. Extras include the first chapter of my forthcoming Bantam hardcover THE LAST KIND WORDS (due out June 5), the first chapter of my digital-only dark fantasy novel NIGHTJACK, and the short horror story "Shadder" from my collection FUTILE EFFORTS.

Available today is issue #1 of the new crime e-zine THE BIG CLICK, featuring fiction by Ken Bruen, an interview I conducted with the fantastic Joe Lansdale, and my non-fic column "Fat Burglar Blues." Free content will be rolling out over the next month, or you can buy an e-copy for just $2.99.

And it’s T-minus three months until the release of THE LAST KIND WORDS. Currently Random House is putting together the audio edition, and just recently this generous blurb came in.

"MYSTIC RIVER set the bar on classic literary mystery and THE LAST KIND WORDS is a novel on the same superb playing field. Compassionate, fascinating, and with an adrenaline narrative that is as gripping as it is moving. Pure alchemy."--Ken Bruen, author of THE GUARDS and HEADSTONE 
Also, I’m nearly done with the follow-up novel THE LAST WHISPER IN THE DARK, which you can look for summer of ‘13.


Swands said...

I picked up Clown in the Moonlight, can't wait to give it a read.

Ben said...

I always say a busy writer who's read and therefore a happy writer. Glad we get all this new stuff from you, stuff. Can't wait to read Clowns and TLKW

Tim McGregor said...

Thoroughly enjoying Clown, Tom. Thanks for the freebie.

Nice quote from Bruen. Can't wait to read TLKW!

Robert Welain said...

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