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Monday, October 12, 2009

More Yackity Yack (I'm Talkin' Back)

Another new interview up over at THE BIG ADIOS. This one, oddly enough, is actually WITH me.

Been trapped in the mire of two projects that WILL NOT FUCKING QUIT! And jonesing to start another that I can't get around to yet. Driving me out of my head. Literally. Well, kind of literally. Wound up suffering through two occular migraines this afternoon. Only nominal pain but my head fills up with flashing kaleidoscopic lights. Bizarre and freaky, and nothing to do but lie down in a dark room and wait for it to stop.

And what goes on with you?


RickyGrove said...

Sorry for all the pressure you are having. You mention occular migraines. I have them too, but I think they are called "migraine with aura". Hate those flashing lights. Especially when they happen while I'm driving. I find if you take an advil just as the flashing starts (it's a tiny little thing at the beginning) the big sonic boom of pain is lessened. FYI.

I'm not as bungled up as you, but I've over-committed myself and it seems that every day is stressful. Still, it's October and I love this month.

Hang in there!

Mike Dennis said...

Sounds like back-cover blurb for a pretty good first person-narration novel, Tom.