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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Novembre De Luto

For all you Pic completists (Hi, Grandma!) the Spanish edition of NOVEMBER MOURNS is currently out from La Factoria De Ideas. They're the good folks who also brought out translations for THE NIGHT CLASS and A CHOIR OF ILL CHILDREN. Since I don't read Spanish, I'm only taking a guess that you can order a copy here. I haven't received my author copies yet, but their books are very quality products, printed as huge trade paperbacks that have those cool dust jacket flaps attached right to the covers. They even lifted a photo from my website of me mugging for the camera and holding up our chihuahua Byron.


Anonymous said...

Hey Pic,

Don't know if you've realized that the cover is exactly the same as Leisure's 2004 release of Simon Clark's novel, IN THIS SKIN.

Those pesky Spaniards!


Tom Piccirilli said...

Nope, didn't realize that, Steve. Thanks for ruining my Christmas for me!

This is the kind of thing that goes on in the publishing world all the time. Cover images are usually non-exclusive, so you'll see them showing up on different titles by different authors all the time. The cover image of THE DEAD LETTERS is the same as Stephen King's ON WRITING with a couple of minor little changes.

Gonzalo B said...

La Factoría de Ideas is a pretty good publisher with an excellent catalog of titles. It's great to see that they're editing your novels in Spanish.

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